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This course is developed to enable delegates to provide professionally and properly presented documents and preferred templates for different business, corporate, office, personal, professional and social purposes and styles. Delegates will learn to develop essential templates and write effective content to support them in their needs, including CV and covering letter, business emails, agendas and minutes of meeting, memos, letters, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to optimise work productivity, enhance efficiency, and improve effectiveness. Delegates will learn the effective tools, tactics and techniques needed to manage their time effectively and organise their work efficiently.

This course is developed to enable delegates to provide value to the business and others who seek advice, guidance or support to work with them closely and follow through, optimise their personal and professional potential, reach their peak performance, overcome challenges and find solutions. Delegates will learn the tools, tactics and techniques needed to become the go-to coach, mentor, consultant or counsellor, depending on the context.

This course is developed to enable delegates to be adequately equipped with the relevant knowledge and understanding of business to adapt to its culture, customs, norms and practices in different situations, including face-to-face meetings or presentations, networking events or functions, email exchanges, business negotiations, over the phone, via social media and professional network platforms, on digital portals, etc to build rapport and improve communication, which may differ in dealing with British, American or other genres where English is used. Delegates will learn how to communicate orally and correspond in writing in different situations, including interviews, presentations, negotiations, verbal and written exchanges, etc to make a lasting positive impact and presence.

This course is developed to enable delegates to properly plan, prepare and manage any meetings that they organise or attend. Delegates will learn the effective tools, tactics and techniques needed to attend, hold or organise meetings productively.

This course is developed to enable delegates to develop effective communication strategies and writing messages to promote themselves effectively through applying a creative approach to make a positive influence using different media mix, kit and vehicle. Delegates will learn how to present their profile in a way that will promote their skills and traits using different communication media and platforms, including conventional letters, emails, social media, professional networks, the press, in public appearances, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to handle any situation or interaction that they come across through acquiring certain skills to deal with the relevant circumstance with ease, whether it is meeting someone, introducing others, making a request, giving instructions or handling difficulties so that they leave a lasting positive impact and make an influence with their presence in social and business settings. Delegates will learn relevant key skills needed to be more effective and efficient, including networking, pitching, client care, handling issues, technology, improving productivity, confidence, impact and presence, image and appearance, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to maintain confidentiality in handling different tasks, including keeping records, updating schedules, making travel and other arrangements, preparing meeting agendas or taking minutes, handling calls or correspondence, developing relevant documents, organising events, etc for them to be effective, efficient and productive. Delegates will learn effective skills needed to perform office, administrative and secretarial tasks more efficiently and productively, including communication, correspondence, keeping records and notes, producing reports, planning and organising, diarising and scheduling, handling meetings and appointments, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to know how to connect with clients and develop a strong lasting relationship with clients to provide a unique experience to increase business growth and profitability by keeping clients satisfied and getting repeat business. Delegates will learn relevant key skills needed to meet and exceed client expectations to improve business productivity.

This course is developed to enable delegates to understand the dynamic and massive growth of the hospitality industry in that it involves serving guests away from home and giving them a memorable experience for both business and leisure through showcasing courtesy and politeness in all interactions with guests in accommodating their different requirements, including lodging, commuting, food and beverages or tourism and travel, which demonstrates welcoming and respecting diversity. Delegates will learn the relevant key skills, tools, tactics and techniques needed to be hospitable, including meeting, greeting, welcoming, treating, serving, hosting and accommodating guests and visitors.

This course is developed to enable delegates to understand the basics and essentials of running and facilitating a successful business, corporate or social event or function, taking into consideration the resources, time, capital, schedule, venue, budget and people involved so they have an event or function that is meaningful and memorable. Delegates will learn the relevant key skills, tools, tactics, and techniques needed to plan, prepare, organize, manage, execute and evaluate different events and functions from A-Z as well as having and taking appropriate action in times of contingencies to ensure its success.

This course is developed to enable delegates to acquire relevant skills to understand how to communicate productively with different personalities across cultures using and adapting to different styles and methods to project a positive image, presence and impact to clearly convey the message in different situations with ease and confidence. Delegates will learn to connect effectively with different types of people in different situations using different modes, identify targets, set attainable goals, offer solutions, overcome challenges, deal with difficulties, showcase appropriate personal and professional conduct, use proper titles and forms of address, exchange gifts, contacts and business cards, establish rapport and lasting relations through networking effectively to build new relations, expand current network of contacts or follow-up to keep in contact and up-to-date with key contacts, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to explore different career development and growth options, providing a step-by-step guide on how to prepare or progress in a career. Delegates will learn the aspects involved in finding or developing their career options, including profile, target list, pitch, interview, work, references, professional networks, career path, career, portfolio, identifying career choice, gaining experience and expertise knowledge, conducting research, places to look, etc.

This workshop looks at the key commercial skills that any business professional needs to be successful. Looking at personal development alongside the needs of the business and what the responsibilities of their roles are within the business. The key focus is client care, identifying and defining clients, getting all expectations right, the skills needed to deliver an excellent service, service delivery and quality, key components of excellent client care, building rapport and relations, setting and meeting expectations, taking instructions and actions as well as the importance of taking accountability.

Being authentic means being ourselves: embracing our strengths, accepting our weaknesses and living our life according to the values we hold true. What does authenticity mean to you? Do others perceive us as we perceive ourselves? How can we be authentic? During this seminar you will look at what authenticity means including being true to yourself, identifying your values and embracing your idiosyncrasies. The advantages of being authentic will be discussed along with how to demonstrate authenticity and lead your life in a way that makes you happier.

The ability to communicate effectively is a prerequisite in any commercial environment and to do this we must recognise that each one of us has strengths and weaknesses. How we play to those strengths and allow for weaknesses is critical to persuasion, motivation and Leadership. The session Looks at adapting to how the people you work with communicate and how to present a positive image – essential in building good working relationships. Getting your message across effectively, whether one-to-one or with a wider audience is not always easy particularly when faced with situations we perceive as difficult. This session looks at techniques and skills which will help you to present yourself with greater ease and confidence in working with different modes and styles of communicating effectively.

Your voice can be extremely powerful and inspirational when used effectively. We all have the capacity to speak so that others listen and this highly practical workshop will explore the physical techniques to achieve that. You will look at how the voice works, the importance of relaxation, how to breathe efficiently, how to project with resonance and confidence, and how to speak with clarity. The techniques are based on vocal training exercises practiced at the world’s leading drama academies and delivered by a qualified voice coach.

Developing an understanding of personality traits, thinking styles and learning preferences is a very useful way to improve your knowledge of motivational behavior, what motivates others and why it is sometimes necessary to adapt our individual style when trying to communicate and be more effective in the workplace. To communicate effectively and to lead others we must recognize that each one of us has strengths and weaknesses. How we play to those strengths and allow for weaknesses is critical to persuasion, motivation, and leadership. Understanding personality types is also helpful for appreciating that while people are different, everyone has a value, special strengths, and qualities and that everyone should be treated with care and respect. Some key topics include how to influence different personality types for their desired outcome, how people prefer to receive messages,
and the most effective way to identify and communicate with diverse personalities via applying or adapting to different styles of communication.

Pitching to a client is not an exercise in saying how great you are. You need to create a dialogue, demonstrate an actual experience of what working with you would be like and be open and responsive to what people say. You are in the room for a reason, this is your opportunity to deliver as a dynamic team, engage and inspire your potential client and leave them wanting to work with you. During this seminar you will learn what makes an effective pitch and how to deliver as a team . These practical workshops provide an opportunity to explore these skills in a safe environment and develop your style in a way that makes you different and memorable.

Being technically excellent is extremely important for professional success, but it is not enough on its own. The ability to develop relationships, create business and be a trusted adviser to clients is just as essential. This short seminar is aimed at those who not only perform specific tasks at an expert level but are also looking to move up to the next stage of their career. You will learn how to establish and develop long-term business relationships and attract potential clients as well as examine the behaviours of the trusted adviser.

Delivering engaging presentations is an essential part of professional development. Whether you are presenting at an internal meeting or speaking at an external event with clients, perfecting your presentation skills is time well spent. How can presentations on dry topics be brought to life? What is the most time-efficient, creative and effective way of putting a presentation together? What are the pros and cons of PowerPoint and do you actually need it? Perhaps you simply feel daunted by the prospect of presenting and would like to learn how to deal with your nerves and deliver confidently with energy and enthusiasm. This practical seminar will show you how to prepare effectively for a presentation, create engaging content, and deliver with enthusiasm.

In any business, people need to connect quickly and effectively with colleagues and clients alike to establish meaningful relationships and they need to do so with impact and presence. How do you make a great first impression? Why is positivity so important? What can you do with your body and voice to stand out from others and be heard? This seminar will look at how to demonstrate confidence and be present in different situations, how to be remembered for the right reasons and how to influence and persuade others.

Speaking on camera is an art form unto itself; even the most engaging presenters can find it a challenge to deliver messages quickly, clearly and memorably on screen. More and more businesses are using video as an extremely effective way of communicating essential internal messages, providing regular client updates and raising their profile. This practical seminar covers all the golden rules and deadly sins of being in front of a lens, what to think about for the final edit and how best to use video.

Effective networking is an essential aspect of business development, whether establishing new contacts or keeping existing prospects and clients on board. While some people thrive in a networking environment, many find it a challenge. Common concerns are the unnaturalness of the situation, finding small talk difficult and not knowing how to move on. This short seminar gives simple techniques to make networking easy, build confidence and ensure that relationships are developed and followed up strategically and effectively to make the most out of a networking event.

Stories are what connect us and business is all about connecting with people. Even the driest of corporate presentations can be brought to life with a good story and an engaging storyteller. This engaging seminar examines the storytelling techniques that work in the corporate world through well-known examples from literature, film, and theatre. You will explore how to adapt your material to fit those techniques, find the human connection and deliver with impact.

A fast-paced, interactive seminar designed to enhance your performance – in terms of both skills and confidence – in a wide range of difficult negotiation situations where you need to influence discussions and communicate persuasively. Delegates will come away with a framework for creating sustainable, win-win solutions and with the confidence that they have the skills to deal with, persuade and influence the toughest of negotiators. Some topics include understanding the principles of successful negotiators, using relevant approaches, creating value in deals to develop mutually beneficial win-win solutions, getting to know the counterparty to identify a more effective strategy, dealing with difficulties and different situations (impasses) to resolve issues, building a compelling case to persuade the counterparty, reaching an agreement or compromise as well as establishing rapport and building relations to find common grounds and develop trust and confidence.

Confidence is a central part of our lives. There will be times when we feel full of it and times when we feel that everyone else has it except us. The Confidence Academy explores how and why we feel confident, the characteristics of confidence and how we can build and demonstrate confidence in our lives. Exploring the psychological, physical, presentational and vocal aspects of confidence as well as the role of authenticity, personality, and persuasion provides a range of tools and techniques that anyone can develop and demonstrate in any situation.