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Founder's Message

In line with Dubai Plan 2021 and in light of UAE Vision 2021, ENLITE aims to disseminate knowledge and drive sustainable growth through designing, developing and delivering relevant up-to-date content to nurture and enlighten talents, equipped with relevant skills and prepared to use such skills to optimise their potential. To do so, ENLITE adopts a flexible client-centric approach, adapted to meet and respond to the regular needs of relevant targets. ENLITE supports innovation, research and development through producing, presenting and promoting innovative ideas to improve performance.


In today’s rapidly emerging and expanding global market economy, knowledge of modern manners, contemporary etiquette, international protocol, cultural awareness, recognised language, understanding of legal and business concepts, other essential soft skills as well as trending issues is significant to cope with any situation as well as to succeed in the business, corporate and social arena. Understanding civility, courtesy, diversity, politeness and respect is highly appreciated to make a good lasting impression, project a positive image and maintain an effective impact within one’s own and other surroundings. Mastering the relevant skills to cope with any situation is a definite key to success. In our personal and professional daily life. We conduct business, network, socialise, interact and discuss with others in different fields, industries and sectors to establish relations, build rapport, develop trust and gain confidence. The training courses that ENLITE provides are key for professionals in all walks of life to acquire relevant skills, enhance their knowledge, develop their confidence and advance their competence.


ENLITE Training Institute Est is a continuous personal and professional development training institute that offers workshops to groups and individuals in different fields, including legal law, business, language and culture, etiquette and protocol, image, soft skills as well as trending to further improve their personal and professional skills. ENLITE licenced by both DED and KHDA based in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE with a qualified team of professionals in the relevant areas who are equipped with the relevant skills and qualifications to provide value-added, quality services delivered in a way that meets expectations. ENLITE is the one-stop-shop for developing and improving relevant skills and knowledge to deal with different business, corporate, social and daily life situations.

Vision, Mission and Values

To be the market leader local training provider of choice in Dubai for further continuous development and improvement training in the areas of law, business, language and other soft skills by the year 2020.
To design, develop and deliver training content and context that cater to the specifications of clients based on relevant thorough research, applied knowledge, hands-on experience, actual exposure, practical skills and best practices adapted to current market trends through providing learning tools and techniques that are practical, hands-on and experiential to ensure that training is dynamic, engaging and interactive.
These values reflect ENLITE’s conduct:

Exceeding expectations: Proactive and interactive client care, service and support.
Nurturing talents: Satisfied delegates equipped with relevant skills and knowledge in different fields to use in different situations.
Leading edge: Highest caliber of skilled and qualified trainers in their respective fields providing up-to-date content.
Infinite initiative and interactive activities: Continuous development, support and improvement throughout by exploring engaging and beneficial tools and techniques.
Tailored and targeted options and solutions: Personalised, flexible and bespoke content to meet delegates’ specific and individual needs.
Ethos of excellence and expanding knowledge: Following business best practices, processes, policies and procedures adapted to market requirements to gain useful and informative insights.

What Differentiates ENLITE?

  • Credibility and creditworthiness (attested KHDA certificates)
  • Credentials and qualities (qualified instructors and practitioners in relevant fields)
  • Clear and concrete
  • Customised and catered content
  • Combined courses to save time and money
  • Comprehensive and current content based on actual market research
  • Competitive costs
  • Commitment to quality not quantity
  • Continuous client care and consideration to actually develop our delegates’ true skills, talents and potentials
  • Complete collaboration towards improvement
  • Complementary assessment throughout to ensure maximum learning
  • Creativity and consistency
  • Conceptual content to support practical and hands-on skills development
  • Client-centric in identifying and addressing issues to overcome them and achieve desired results (3 months follow-up period to fill in gaps)
  • Complimentary updates during the 3-month period
Strategic Corporate Objectives

1. Pursue and promote social, sustainable and economic development actively, proactively and productively by taking part in different aspects of the economy to confidently identify, address and overcome challenges.
2. Support and empower others in reaching their goals in line with Dubai’s Plan for 2021 and the UAE’s Vision for 2021.
3. Work to meet the diverse demands of the market as well as serve the needs of individuals and organisations in different sectors, fields and industries to develop, advance, enhance and improve relevant practical knowledge and skills that can be actually applied in different situations.
4. Establish continuous strong relationships with clients by providing swift, quality and timely support and services at all times to maintain client satisfaction.
5. Foster and facilitate the understanding of civility, courtesy, diversity, politeness and respect in the region and beyond through keeping up-to-date with the most current trends and recent developments to provide practical and valuable resources, knowledge, information and best practices in different areas to ensure continued success in different business, corporate, social and daily life situations to establish a personal presence and make a professional impact.
6. Elevate, support and improve relevant skills to acquire practical knowledge through applying best practices to add value and benefit relevant stakeholders.
7. Optimise productivity and true potential in different areas by equipping individuals and businesses with relevant practical skills and knowledge to promote and improve different activities, enabling them to actively, positively and confidently take part in the community.


ENLITE offers different training solutions, including bespoke training content for corporate in-house or at a preferred venue, public group classes for individuals as well as private individualised and personalised training. ENLITE also offers the option of using the services of a trainer in-house, whereby an organisation can use the services of a trainer for a specified period of time to carry out any of the following functions:
• Conduct training needs analysis and meet with relevant stakeholders to attend to expectations.
• Identify and define requirements to address them.
• Attend to requests, discuss requirements and specifications, understand expectations, follow through on matters, respond to comments or concerns, keep others informed of any updates and provide continuous support throughout to maintain satisfaction at all times.
• Design training programmes.
• Develop relevant content.
• Prepare relevant presentations and simulations.
• Offer appropriate demonstrations and illustrations.
• Facilitate discussions to ensure clarity and understanding.
• Deliver requested training sessions.
• Adapt content to requirements.
• Reflect on outcome, develop action plans, offer solutions to assist others in reaching their goals, etc.
• Follow-up training sessions through soliciting constructive feedback, documenting facts, maintaining records, issuing reports, analysing results, updating details, etc.