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This course is developed to enable delegates to boost their business to overcome the challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners now face in this fast-growing and rapidly-changing market economy. Delegates will learn the tools and techniques needed in planning, developing and launching a business like business plan essentials, marketing, financial details, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to develop effective tactics and techniques will know that they can use the downturn in the economy to their advantage and make an upturn movement or improvement in which they can apply effective sales and marketing strategies to generate more revenue and profit. Delegates will learn the relevant key sales and marketing skills as well as tools of the trade needed to enhance one’s business to generate more income and profits. business and commercial law, intellectual property, real property law, banking, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to understand the basic financial principles and concepts through applying the fundamentals of finance to improve budget management, increase potential profits and assess the financial performance of business transactions to feel more confident in discussing or using finance-related terminology. Delegates will learn the basic and essential tools, tactics and techniques needed to understand or manage their personal and business finances.

This course is developed to enable delegates to understand how the role of a human resources (or human capital) department is key for any organisation to operate effectively. Delegates will learn the essential and basic concepts used among human resources departments and professionals as well as the different functions and roles, including planning, job ads and offers, profiling, interviewing, recruitment, selection, sourcing, screening, shortlisting, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, employment law and contracts, employment relations, exit strategies, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to understand how to adequately and competently express and conduct themselves in specific business situations through acquiring relevant skills to actively manage and participate in meetings, engage in telephone conversations and handle calls, give clear and compelling presentations, confidently provide status updates, negotiate effectively, network and socialise interactively and write clear and effective business documents and correspondence. Delegates will learn effective business terminology and concepts needed to succeed in the international and learn how to apply the skills and knowledge that they acquire in context to practice what they have learnt throughout with emphasis on language, grammar, punctuation, collocation, spelling, vocabulary, style, register, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to communicate effectively to convey meaning and facilitate understanding in different situations and medium through possessing relevant skills to present a positive image, make a lasting impression, and project confidence. Delegates will learn to write different types of business letters, emails, memos, circulars, offers, requests, proposals, invitations, notes, briefs, reports, executive summaries, etc.writing and drafting, analysis, communication, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to understand the tax and accounting system and the creation of financial statements as well as clarify tax and accounting key concepts to aid business professionals and consumers evaluate the true nature of transactions, critically examine contractual provisions, spot ‘red flags’ in transactions, understand the economic realities of a deal and its consequences. Delegates will learn key accounting and tax concepts and skills needed to understand relevant business transactions.

This course is developed to enable delegates to acquire relevant skills required to be more productive and successful in performing their business-related work. Delegates will learn relevant key soft skills needed to manage business work more effectively, efficiently and productively, including business research and resources management, interviewing and advising, negotiation, communication, time and meeting management, networking and pitching, effective delegation, to portray a professional image, make a positive impact, present with confidence, communicate clearly, handle difficulties, accept and adapt to changes, etc.

This course is developed to enable delegates to gain more understanding of commercial awareness and focus on relevant business issues that are emerging within their chosen industry. Delegates will learn how to identify business opportunities, describe the factors that impact their business, analyse various strengths and weaknesses, identify threats and trends within their business, build commercially-focused relations with clients, develop SWOT and PESTLE analyses, know the marketplace that they operate in, overview, challenges facing the economy/industry, demonstrate commercial acumen, business issues and the economy, understand the target market/industry, evaluate a company, reflect on personal commercial experience, how a business operates, relevant skills, business objectives, strategy, recommendations, factors for sustainable competitive advantage, resources, etc.